Cathay Dupont Awards

Cathay Dupont Award on DuPont’s huge support on global 4-H initiative

4-H is defined as a youth development program where adult volunteers provide positive, proactive, enjoyable and educational opportunities with the youth. The name of 4-H symbolizes four personal development area of focus for the organization – head, heart, hands, and health. In particular, “head to clearer thinking”, “heart to greater loyalty”, “hands for larger service”, and “health to better living”.


DuPont understands the greater challenge the world is facing today, and it is the massive growth of the human population. There are currently 7 billion of people on this planet and it is expected to grow by 2 billion in the next 40 years. Humankind needs almost twice as much food. And that is a huge problem.


Experts found a solution to this problem and it is in one country – Africa, along with its young people. DuPont made an investment of 2 million dollars to extend their help to global 4-H and build leadership institutes in 5 African countries. With this, adults from those countries will be trained to work with young people.


Studies show that Africa has 60% of the uncultivated land in the world. However, many young people don’t see a promising future in agriculture, but that belief began to change because of 4-H. These days, the youth has taken interest in agriculture because of the 4-H programs run by various project clubs, community clubs, afterschool programs, camps, workshop, and events, Cathay Dupont Award noted.


4-H taught the young people the significance of the entire food business, not just the ways to better farming. Adults are providing them with the right tools and seeds, which inspires them to perform agriculture using a scientific approach. They also teach them to plant using the right procedures and as a result, the young people are able to make some money as well.


Adults also see the huge importance in 4-H because it can improve production that could often lead to more income for farmers, teaching the youth on how to improve their livelihood and build wealth. 4-H doesn’t only benefit the young people because the parents have changed their view towards agriculture as well because whenever they see children producing food and feeding themselves, they witness a significant change in their community.


If millions of young people think the same way and are all passionate about every aspect of agribusiness, then the science, production, and distribution involved will surely prosper. Adults in Africa see their young people as the ones who will transform their country and their older generations. The youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.


4-H also makes young people ready for the future with their knowledge on agriculture. DuPont strongly believes that one day, different communities in Africa will prosper, bringing change to their country and will solve its food problems and the world’s.


A lot of families from different countries also consider 4-H as a big part of their family because it helped them learn and succeed. DuPont, together with Cathay Dupont Award and other families, is very proud to support 4-H and be a part of shaping the youth today who will be feeding the world tomorrow.


On the last note, Cathay Dupont Award would like to add that indeed, 4-H is often regarded as an agriculturally focused organization but nowadays, it also focuses on citizenship, healthy living, science, engineering, and technology programs.