Cathay Dupont Awards

Cathay Dupont Award on bringing advanced solutions to protect the world

DuPont is a company that strives to protect the world using its personalized solutions that are rooted from the principle of “science that solves”. Its dedication to getting good opportunities in the market and providing helpful solutions is incomparable. It provides solutions that aim to answer some of the biggest challenges in the world nowadays.


DuPont and its many decades of experience in the field of science and engineering gave birth to various effective products and solutions. Some of which were made to protect the people and the world we live in. It has the expertise in different fields and will continue to magnify its knowledge on science, chemistry, biological science, and engineering.


The fast growth in our population will surely bring more challenges and pressure to us and to the environment as well. Every individual and organization need to act fast to protect our home planet. DuPont with Cathay Dupont Award understands this mare’s nest, thus it is committed to maintaining its prompt and good pace in giving solutions to such issue.


DuPont and its wide range of science-based materials, products, and consulting solutions have been a huge help to numerous people and organizations in the world. Customers, governments, NGOs, academics and other organizations have also played a vital role in DuPont’s creation of advanced solutions. This global collaboration will surely bring more beneficial products and solutions in the future, Cathay Dupont Award said.


Are you in need of protective apparels? Do you desire your structures to become safer? Or do you want to have sustainability solutions for your business? DuPont can provide them all for you! Since its creations to answer some of the world’s challenges were proven effective over the years. Taking care of the environment is not something new to the company as well since it has been one of their goals from the very beginning.


But DuPont does not only focuses on protecting the environment since it also aims to ensure the safety of those who protect us, which include the first responders and the military. Firefighters need the best equipment, and its department heads know that very well, thus they build a positive relationship with DuPont and use their offered products.


Protecting places where we work and play is also one part of the company’s objective. Stadium architects trust the products of DuPont in making sure of the safety of both fans and the players.


Are you seeking innovative strength? DuPont has it and the company promises to continue its great work in helping and protecting the world and its people. Cathay Dupont Award has long been involved in the undertaking of DuPont in giving honors to those who deserve it in the field of broadcasting, documentary and online journalism.