Cathay Dupont Awards

Cathay Dupont Award on Protecting Life and Environment

DuPont has been around for many decades getting a hold of different market opportunities and providing solutions to some of the biggest challenges in the world using their distinguished science and engineering principles. Since its foundation, the company has been dedicated to science that solves.


DuPont is also defined to as a science company with an impressive range of materials and capabilities that involve science, chemistry, biological science, and engineering. It has a wide range of quality and efficient products that target to help people and organizations in different industries.


It’s evident that in the recent years, there’s a tremendous growth in our population. There are currently billions of people living in the world and its number continues to grow each day. With this, there’s also an increased pressure on people and the environment because of the challenges humankind needs to face to maintain a safe world.


DuPont, along with Cathay Dupont Award, deemed it vital to protect life and the environment by developing a vast range of materials, products, and consulting solutions. However, in order to make such thing possible, DuPont needs the collaborative support from customers, governments, NGOs, academics and other organizations. The company aims to continue working with different individuals and organizations to bring science-based solutions to the entire world. Its core belief revolves around delivering comprehensive innovation to each and every one of us.


DuPont strives hard each day to protect our home planet and its people from any kind of harm with its protective apparel, safer structures, and sustainability solutions. Experts also strongly believe that protecting the environment also means maintaining people’s safety. DuPont and its hundreds of years of experience in improving their operation made them adept in giving continuous solutions to protect people and the environment.


Moreover, DuPont deeply supports protecting those who protect us, including first responders and the military. Different fire departments around the world have a good and positive relationship with DuPont since it is imperative for such departments to ensure the safety of their firefighters by equipping them with the best equipment from DuPont. Cathay Dupont Awards also sees the huge importance in providing effective equipment for such professionals.


Dupont also endeavors to provide safety on places where we work and play. For example, architects building stadiums use the products and solutions from DuPont to make sure of the safety of the fans and the players.


With combined innovation and strength, DuPont, together with Cathay Dupont Award, will continue to create a path dedicated to developing effective solutions and products.