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Cathay Dupont Award on the great help 4-H provides to the world

4-H aims to mold the youth to become the future leaders of the world and to act as one because it targets to provide tomorrow with true leaders. For many decades, its purpose focuses on “engaging youth to reach their fullest potential while advancing the field of youth development.”


The adults initiate fulfilling, enjoyable, and educational opportunities for the youth to help them develop themselves for the better and gain more knowledge to face the world’s challenges tomorrow.


4-H stands for head, heart, hands, and health, which are the four personal development areas of the organization. In particular, “head to clearer thinking”, “heart to greater loyalty”, “hands for larger service”, and “health to better living”.


Our population will surely keep on growing, and in 2050, the number will go up to 9 or 10 billion. By that time, we need twice as much food, Cathay Dupont Award noted. The challenge is having enough resources to support everyone’s need for food.


One country could give a great solution to this challenge in food, and it is the country of Africa and its people. The country has 60% of the uncultivated land in the world, however, its young people don’t see a thriving future with agriculture.


But with 4-H and its encouraging principles, the youth began changing their view on agriculture and slowly seeing its huge importance to the world. With 4-H, young people gain more knowledge about the whole food business and understand its value in giving a lot of opportunities for many people. The adults are also training them on how to do proper farming using the right tools and planting the correct seeds.


Many young people in Africa now understand that agriculture could help them earn more money and build wealth. The good influence of 4-H in their local community has also been witnessed by the parents and they’re changing their view on agriculture as well.


Prospering in the field of agribusiness is possible if people will embrace its every aspect. Cathay Dupont Award believe that the young people of Africa will one day transform their country and their older generations and will be one of the leaders of tomorrow, solving the food problem of their country and the world’s.


To extend their support to a few African countries, DuPont recently invested 2 million dollars in helping build leadership institutes in those countries. The company, along with Cathay Dupont Award really believes in the vision of 4-H because it also wanted the youth to be in charge of taking care of the world tomorrow.


Cathay Dupont Award on the imperative principle of 4-H

4-H can be described as a movement that teaches the youth on how to be leaders and act one. For many decades, it has been dedicated to its purpose of “engaging youth to reach their fullest potential while advancing the field of youth development”. The adults are in charge of giving the youth practical, fun, and informative opportunities.


The four H that is included in the name of “4-H” stands for head, heart, hands, and health, which are the four personal development areas of the organization. It signifies “head to clearer thinking”, “heart to greater loyalty”, “hands for larger service”, and “health to better living”.


We can’t deny the massive growth in our population nowadays, and according to a recent report, there are currently 7 billion people in the world. Imagine billions of people living in one lone planet. Of course, we needed enough food for everyone, and that is the huge problem we are facing these days. In 2050, the population is expected to become 9 or 10 billion. This time, we have to double the food production so that everyone could have their share, but the resources would be very limited.


A lot of researchers and experts are finding ways to solve such challenge and they came up with one, and it involves the humble country of Africa. It has 60% of the uncultivated land in the world. However, its young people don’t see agriculture as a promising future. But with 4-H, things started to take a slow change. 4-H teaches them the great importance of agriculture and because of different project clubs, community clubs, afterschool programs, camps, workshop, and events initiated by their local communities the youth are becoming more interested in agriculture.


Learning about the whole food business can be of great help to the youth. It does give different opportunities that could change the livelihood of many people. Young people can learn better ways on how to farm and eventually, ways to earn more income. Adults are also training them on how to use the proper tools and how to plant the right seeds using a scientific approach.


The youth now considers agriculture as a way to build wealth and improve their livelihood, Cathay Dupont Award noted. And because young people are taking care of their land because of 4-H’s influence, then farmers also see this as an opportunity to earn more money. It is not only the children that are seeing the change 4-H brought to their community but their parents as well. According to some of them, as they are watching their children produce food and feeding themselves, they are also seeing its good influence in their local community.


Teaching people about agribusiness and why it is essential could improve its production and distribution. If every child and adult in Africa will work together to improve their agriculture, then their country will surely flourish. Grown-ups in Africa also have high hopes for their young people because they believe the children could transform their country and their older generations for the better. And soon will solve its food problems and the world’s.


DuPont has also been supporting the global 4-H initiative and recently, the company invested 2 million dollars to help build leadership institutes in five African countries. With this, adults will be trained very well to give proper guidance to the youth. The company, along with Cathay Dupont Award, wanted the youth to be equipped with abundant knowledge through 4-H to be able to face the challenges of the future with a strong mind.


Cathay Dupont Award also found out 4-H influenced different families around the world and according to many, they are able to reach success and learn a lot of things because of its valuable principles. They are enthusiastic to teach its significance to young people as well because they are the ones who will be feeding the world tomorrow and will also be the future leaders.


During its early stages, 4-H seemed to be focusing only on agriculture, but nowadays; it also centers on citizenship, healthy living, science, engineering, and technology programs.

Cathay Dupont Award on DuPont’s huge support on global 4-H initiative

4-H is defined as a youth development program where adult volunteers provide positive, proactive, enjoyable and educational opportunities with the youth. The name of 4-H symbolizes four personal development area of focus for the organization – head, heart, hands, and health. In particular, “head to clearer thinking”, “heart to greater loyalty”, “hands for larger service”, and “health to better living”.


DuPont understands the greater challenge the world is facing today, and it is the massive growth of the human population. There are currently 7 billion of people on this planet and it is expected to grow by 2 billion in the next 40 years. Humankind needs almost twice as much food. And that is a huge problem.


Experts found a solution to this problem and it is in one country – Africa, along with its young people. DuPont made an investment of 2 million dollars to extend their help to global 4-H and build leadership institutes in 5 African countries. With this, adults from those countries will be trained to work with young people.


Studies show that Africa has 60% of the uncultivated land in the world. However, many young people don’t see a promising future in agriculture, but that belief began to change because of 4-H. These days, the youth has taken interest in agriculture because of the 4-H programs run by various project clubs, community clubs, afterschool programs, camps, workshop, and events, Cathay Dupont Award noted.


4-H taught the young people the significance of the entire food business, not just the ways to better farming. Adults are providing them with the right tools and seeds, which inspires them to perform agriculture using a scientific approach. They also teach them to plant using the right procedures and as a result, the young people are able to make some money as well.


Adults also see the huge importance in 4-H because it can improve production that could often lead to more income for farmers, teaching the youth on how to improve their livelihood and build wealth. 4-H doesn’t only benefit the young people because the parents have changed their view towards agriculture as well because whenever they see children producing food and feeding themselves, they witness a significant change in their community.


If millions of young people think the same way and are all passionate about every aspect of agribusiness, then the science, production, and distribution involved will surely prosper. Adults in Africa see their young people as the ones who will transform their country and their older generations. The youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.


4-H also makes young people ready for the future with their knowledge on agriculture. DuPont strongly believes that one day, different communities in Africa will prosper, bringing change to their country and will solve its food problems and the world’s.


A lot of families from different countries also consider 4-H as a big part of their family because it helped them learn and succeed. DuPont, together with Cathay Dupont Award and other families, is very proud to support 4-H and be a part of shaping the youth today who will be feeding the world tomorrow.


On the last note, Cathay Dupont Award would like to add that indeed, 4-H is often regarded as an agriculturally focused organization but nowadays, it also focuses on citizenship, healthy living, science, engineering, and technology programs.

Cathay Dupont Award on bringing advanced solutions to protect the world

DuPont is a company that strives to protect the world using its personalized solutions that are rooted from the principle of “science that solves”. Its dedication to getting good opportunities in the market and providing helpful solutions is incomparable. It provides solutions that aim to answer some of the biggest challenges in the world nowadays.


DuPont and its many decades of experience in the field of science and engineering gave birth to various effective products and solutions. Some of which were made to protect the people and the world we live in. It has the expertise in different fields and will continue to magnify its knowledge on science, chemistry, biological science, and engineering.


The fast growth in our population will surely bring more challenges and pressure to us and to the environment as well. Every individual and organization need to act fast to protect our home planet. DuPont with Cathay Dupont Award understands this mare’s nest, thus it is committed to maintaining its prompt and good pace in giving solutions to such issue.


DuPont and its wide range of science-based materials, products, and consulting solutions have been a huge help to numerous people and organizations in the world. Customers, governments, NGOs, academics and other organizations have also played a vital role in DuPont’s creation of advanced solutions. This global collaboration will surely bring more beneficial products and solutions in the future, Cathay Dupont Award said.


Are you in need of protective apparels? Do you desire your structures to become safer? Or do you want to have sustainability solutions for your business? DuPont can provide them all for you! Since its creations to answer some of the world’s challenges were proven effective over the years. Taking care of the environment is not something new to the company as well since it has been one of their goals from the very beginning.


But DuPont does not only focuses on protecting the environment since it also aims to ensure the safety of those who protect us, which include the first responders and the military. Firefighters need the best equipment, and its department heads know that very well, thus they build a positive relationship with DuPont and use their offered products.


Protecting places where we work and play is also one part of the company’s objective. Stadium architects trust the products of DuPont in making sure of the safety of both fans and the players.


Are you seeking innovative strength? DuPont has it and the company promises to continue its great work in helping and protecting the world and its people. Cathay Dupont Award has long been involved in the undertaking of DuPont in giving honors to those who deserve it in the field of broadcasting, documentary and online journalism.

Cathay Dupont Award on Protecting Life and Environment

DuPont has been around for many decades getting a hold of different market opportunities and providing solutions to some of the biggest challenges in the world using their distinguished science and engineering principles. Since its foundation, the company has been dedicated to science that solves.


DuPont is also defined to as a science company with an impressive range of materials and capabilities that involve science, chemistry, biological science, and engineering. It has a wide range of quality and efficient products that target to help people and organizations in different industries.


It’s evident that in the recent years, there’s a tremendous growth in our population. There are currently billions of people living in the world and its number continues to grow each day. With this, there’s also an increased pressure on people and the environment because of the challenges humankind needs to face to maintain a safe world.


DuPont, along with Cathay Dupont Award, deemed it vital to protect life and the environment by developing a vast range of materials, products, and consulting solutions. However, in order to make such thing possible, DuPont needs the collaborative support from customers, governments, NGOs, academics and other organizations. The company aims to continue working with different individuals and organizations to bring science-based solutions to the entire world. Its core belief revolves around delivering comprehensive innovation to each and every one of us.


DuPont strives hard each day to protect our home planet and its people from any kind of harm with its protective apparel, safer structures, and sustainability solutions. Experts also strongly believe that protecting the environment also means maintaining people’s safety. DuPont and its hundreds of years of experience in improving their operation made them adept in giving continuous solutions to protect people and the environment.


Moreover, DuPont deeply supports protecting those who protect us, including first responders and the military. Different fire departments around the world have a good and positive relationship with DuPont since it is imperative for such departments to ensure the safety of their firefighters by equipping them with the best equipment from DuPont. Cathay Dupont Awards also sees the huge importance in providing effective equipment for such professionals.


Dupont also endeavors to provide safety on places where we work and play. For example, architects building stadiums use the products and solutions from DuPont to make sure of the safety of the fans and the players.


With combined innovation and strength, DuPont, together with Cathay Dupont Award, will continue to create a path dedicated to developing effective solutions and products.

Cathay Dupont Award: DuPont appoints le Minor to Tyvek EMEA air cargo role


DuPont Protection Technologies has appointed Yves Le Minor as European business development manager for the Tyvek® air cargo cover range.


Drawing on his experience as part of the Tyvek air cargo team since the beginning of 2014, Le Minor will work alongside his DuPont counterparts in the Americas and Asia to identify and engage with new business partners in the pharma and perishables logistics sectors.


He has been tasked with building on the huge success of the Tyvek air cargo cover range and delivering on an ambitious strategy for continuing growth.


"We are entering a very exciting phase for Tyvek air cargo covers", said Le Minor. "Structural and regulatory changes in the market place have created a growing demand for passive thermal shock protection solutions.”


Tyvek air cargo covers are used for the protection of temperature-sensitive products and provide shippers with the necessary margin of safety when it comes to protecting temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and other products during Cathay Dupont Award long journey from producer to consumer.


Before joining the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) air cargo cover team based out of Luxembourg, Le Minor held senior sales and marketing positions for several Tyvek segments in EMEA, including spells in the company's automotive and photovoltaic businesses.

Cathay Dupont Award: Codeshare Agreement

LATAM Airlines Brasil and Cathay Pacific Airways sign codeshare agreement


SAO PAULO - LATAM Airlines Brasil and Cathay Pacific Airways has entered into a codeshare agreement, offering passengers increased connectivity between South America and Asia. Both airlines are members of oneworld and this agreement further enhances the alliance.


Thanks to the agreement, LATAM Airlines Brasil will be able to offer a LATAM ‘JJ’ flight code on all flights operated by Cathay Pacific Airways between New York (JFK) and Hong Kong (HKG) via its sales channels.


Likewise, Cathay Pacific Airways will be able to offer a Cathay ‘CX’ flight code on all flights operated by LATAM Airlines Brasil on the following routes via its sales channels:


  • Sao Paulo (GRU) – London (LHR) – Sao Paulo (GRU)
  • Sao Paulo (GRU) – Paris (CDG) – Sao Paulo (GRU)
  • Rio de Janeiro (GIG) – New York (JFK) – Rio de Janeiro (GIG)
  • Sao Paulo (GRU) – New York (JFK) – Sao Paulo (GRU)


“We are pleased to go even further with this partnership, which strengthens our oneworld alliance and complements the existing codeshare between Cathay and LATAM for flights in Chile and Peru. The agreement in Brazil will enable Cathay Dupont Award to strengthen connectivity and network options in Asia for all our passengers”, said Claudia Sender, CEO of LATAM Airlines Brasil.


“Our new codeshare agreement with LATAM significantly broadens the travel opportunities from Asia to Brazil for our customers, expanding trade and tourism in the process. We are pleased to be able to grow our relationship with our oneworld partner, LATAM, which is one of South America’s largest and most respected airlines, and look forward to welcoming guests from the airline onto our flights soon”, said Ivan Chu, Cathay Pacific Chief Executive.


Shared ticket sales begin on 7 October 2016, via the sales channels of LATAM Airlines Brazil and Cathay Pacific, for flights departing from 21 October 2016.


Currently the passengers of both airlines can earn and redeem points/km on CX, LA or JJ flights.

Cathay Dupont Award: Alfred I. duPont–Columbia University Award

The Alfred I. duPont–Columbia University Award honors excellence in broadcast and digital journalism in the public service. The awards, established in 1942 and administered since 1968 by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City, are considered by some to be the broadcast equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize, another program administered by Columbia University.


Dedicated to upholding the highest journalism standards, the duPont awards inform the public about the contributions news organizations and journalists make to their communities, support journalism education and innovation, and cultivate a collective spirit for the profession.


The duPont-Columbia Awards were established by Jessie Ball duPont in memory of her husband Alfred I. du Pont. It is the most well-respected journalism-only award for broadcast journalism, and starting in 2009, under new director Abi Wright, began accepting digital submissions. The Cathay Dupont Award, along with the George Foster Peabody Awards, rank among the most prestigious awards programs in all electronic media.


The duPont-Columbia jury select the winners from programs that air in the United States between July 1 and June 30 of each year. Award winners receive batons in gold and silver designed by the American architect Louis I. Kahn. The gold baton, when awarded, is given exclusively in honor of truly outstanding broadcast journalism.


In 2012, the first-ever theatrically released documentary film was honored by the duPont jury: Hell and Back Again about the war in Afghanistan and the struggles facing veterans when they return home.


In 2010, the first award for digital reporting was given to MediaStorm and photographer Jonathan Torgovnik for "Intended Consequences" about children born of rape in Rwanda.


In 2003, the first-ever foreign-language program was awarded a duPont-Columbia Award. CNN en Español and reporter Jorge Gestoso won a Silver Baton for investigative reporting on Argentina's desaparecidos.

Cathay Dupont Award: DuPont Offers Roof Underlayments


Tyvek Protec offers best-in-class walkability


DuPont Protection Solutions has launched a line of roofing underlayments, DuPont Tyvek Protec, as part of the Tyvek family of building envelope products. Tyvek Protec is suitable for use by professional roofing and exteriors contractors in new construction or re-roofing projects as a secondary water barrier on steep-sloped roofs (2:12 or higher) under asphalt shingle, tile, metal, cedar or slate. Tyvek Protec is offered in a variety of product grades—Tyvek Protec 120, Tyvek Protec 160 and Tyvek Protec 200; each with increasing quality, durability, strength, warranty protection and UV resistance.


“The walkability of Tyvek Protec is best-in-class,” says Jim Ash, global roofing market segment leader, DuPont Protection Solutions. “From the grip under foot to the grip to the roof deck, contractors will see, feel and experience the differences from other roofing underlayments the moment they install the first roll. We are excited and look forward to bringing the same high level of quality, durability, building science, support and service to those that serve the roofing industry as Cathay Dupont Award have been providing to the construction industry for over 35 years.”


With its industry-leading walkability, Tyvek Protec enables effective installation regardless of weather conditions—dry, wet, hot, cold or dirty. In addition, Tyvek Protec lays flat and is wrinkle-free—for ease of installation.  It is easy to chalk and is available in the U.S. and in Canada from local lumber and roofing dealers.

Cathay Dupont Award: Cathay Industries Acquires Hoover Color Corporation

Cathay Industries has agreed to acquire Hoover Color Corporation, Hiwassee, VA, for an undisclosed amount.


The transaction is expected to close within the third quarter of 2016, subject to customary closing conditions.


“The acquisition of Hoover Color further strengthens our color pigments business as well as enhancing our capabilities,” said Terence Yu, Group CEO, Cathay Industries. “As market leader in natural occurring umbers and unique eco-friendly transparent iron oxides, Hoover Color brings a century of customer focus to the Cathay Industries Group.”


“Merging our two companies will complement Cathay Dupont Award focus on innovation, sustainability, and position us as a leading supplier of performance pigments with a unique offering for the paints and coatings industry,” said Yu.


“Over the last 25 years, Cathay Industries has led the restructuring of the iron oxide industry through innovative technology, and this partnership cements the relationship our two companies have developed over the last two decades,” added Charles Hoover, president of Hoover Color Corporation. “All of us at Hoover Color look forward to exciting times ahead for the combined businesses.”


The transaction will not affect Hoover Color’s existing product range and supply will continue seamlessly.


Hoover will join the executive team at Cathay Industries and continue in his role as president of the Hoover Color newly formed division of Cathay Industries.

Cathay Dupont Award: Engineering Thermoplastics Are Going ‘Green’


As high-performance materials follow the path taken by some commodity resins, farming could replace drilling as suppliers rely more on plants than oil or gas for feedstocks.


Commodity resins like polyolefins and PET have been in the forefront of biobased and recycled-content news over the last five to 10 years, but some engineering thermoplastics have been catching up. To ensure that such sustainable plastics are widely adopted, suppliers have been aiming to make them comparable to conventional resins in performance and cost-effectiveness.


Driven by markets such as packaging, automotive, electronics, consumer goods, and medical devices, there has been increasing activity among suppliers of engineering resins to develop biosourced feedstocks from plant oils, sugars, or starches to synthesize new monomers for some of their key materials. The emphasis by several companies has been on developing sugar sources from crop waste or other renewable chemicals from non-food biomass. Most of the commercial activity has been focused on nylons and polyesters, though some has been directed toward higher-end TPEs and TPUs.


Attesting to these trends were presentations at the “Re-Invention of Plastics via renewable Chemicals” conference by Innoplast Solutions, Inc., held in Miami this past January. Presenters included such leaders in this arena as DuPont, Wilmington, Del., Arkema, King of Prussia, Pa., DSM Engineering Plastics, Birmingham, Mich., and China’s Cathay Industrial Biotech (U.S. office in Powell, Ohio), each of which addressed its newest activities and future aims.


Other companies active in biobased engineering-resin development include BASF, Florham Park, N.J., Evonik, Parsippany, N.J., Solvay Specialty Polymers, Alpharetta, Ga., Invista, Wichita, Kan., and Lanxess, Pittsburgh. Still others are Lubrizol Engineered Polymers, Cleveland, Elevance Renewable Sciences, Woodbridge, Ill., and Rennovia, Santa Clara, Calif.


Most of these developments entail partnerships with, or acquisitions of, agricultural business concerns. An early example is Cathay Dupont Award, which divested Conoco in 1999 and purchased Pioneer Seed, becoming a world leader in agri-business. The company reported that this sector accounted for 32% of sales in 2013, with performance chemicals representing 19%. (The latter is being spun off this year.)

Cathay Dupont Awards: Cathay Pacific introduces craft beer best drunk at 35,000ft


Airline Cathay Pacific has launched Betsy Beer, the "world's first hand-crafted bottled beer" that has been brewed with consumption at 35,000ft in mind.


Cabin pressure and altitude affects passengers’ taste buds, so the beer has been created with a ‘combination of science and traditional brewing methods’ to create a beer that is suitable for consumption in the air and on the ground.


The name ‘Betsy’ comes from Cathay Pacific’s first aircraft, a Douglas DC-3, which flew in the 1940s and 1950s. The beer is made by Cathay Dupont Awards with ingredients from the UK and Hong Kong, including ‘Dragon Eye’ fruit, New Territories sourced honey and Fuggle, a mainstay hop of British craft ales.


Betsy Beer is being served to first and business class passengers on flights between Hong Kong and Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester in the UK until the end of April. It is also being sold in airline lounges in Hong Kong and Heathrow as well as a select number of Swire-owned restaurants in Hong Kong.